Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's the big idea?

I am doing something scary.  I don't mean scary as in, "Boo!"  I mean wow this is huge and big and I could really do this.  Or I could totally screw this up and make a fool of myself.  But I don't think I will.  I think I will make this work.  And I think it will change me and what I think I can do.  

I got an idea.  The idea would not leave me alone.  It would pop into my head when I was waiting for coffee, or at 3 am when baby B was up to nurse, often when I couldn't sleep.  It kept coming back.  It.would.not.go.away.

I am a bit of a dreamer. I come up with lots of ideas but most of the time I don't do much with them.  The amount of work, the cost, or the talent needed is lacking on my part.  The ideas drift in and out and until now nothing ever pushed right out of my head and into reality.

This spring the idea was screaming so loud in my head that I could not ignore it anymore.  I texted a friend to meet for lunch.  Then I panicked.  She is going to think I am crazy, a foolish dreamer wasting her time.  Somehow I managed to not lose the few marbles I still have and made it to lunch.  

The results of that meeting...and many meetings since will result in something.  I am not ready to share the details yet, but soon.  In 2 weeks or so I will launch my idea and hopefully not fall on my face and look like a loser.  I am calling in favours all over town and discovering the many talents of my wonderful friends.

I am so excited and totally terrified. 

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