Saturday, November 3, 2012


Okay mama's of many - how on earth do you keep up with laundry?

I am trying but holy dryer balls it is a near impossible dream.

It was manageable with 4 people and a dog but for some reason the addition of a 6 lb baby threw it all to heck.  I don't know if it is the amount of clothes from blown out diapers, spit clothes, upchuck on mama clothes, but whatever the reason if the machines aren't running they should be.

I used to do laundry whenever I noticed the baskets get full...they are always full now my friends.  I literally can take a basket downstairs and put the clothes in the washer, return upstairs and the spot where the basket was, is now a heap of dirty clothes.

It s like they wait around the corner for me to move the basket and then:

Dirty sock:  Haha, mama EJ just took down the dark wash.  Alert the track pants and dirty undies.
Soiled hand towel : Ay Ay skipper...ALERT ALERT LAUNDRY IS MOVING.
Track Pants rolling on over:  Duuuuuuuudes she took the basket down stairs????
Soiled hand towel : YES!  PREPARE TO PILE!
Track Pants: Duuuuuuuuude I just woke up, stop the yelling.
Dirty undies: HEY CRAZY CLOTHES!  What's up?  I just saw the most, like amazing headband behind the dresser.  It was like, so amazing.  So cray!
Track pants : Kill me now...get the bleach!
Dirty sock: ENOUGH!  The basket has moved, man your stations, alert your fellow clothes.  We must pile. PILE PILE PILE

Of course the laundry may be the least of my problems if I believe that dirty laundry lies in wait for me.

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