Sunday, November 4, 2012

I like big butts...

It is time.  Time to get my prebaby body in prebabies - the one I had in my 20's.  How do I know this?

Well - I have gotten on the scale - I may have said a bad word at the numbers. I also see the number that states the size of my clothes - and bugger it - it's a teenager! But what really tells me it's oldest daughter. 

Tonight I may have been dancing across the kitchen floor, while singing a little LMFAO.  Because I am sexy, and yes I know it.  I also may have been bringing left over ice cream cake in from the freezer for dessert.  Middle child G starts to giggle at my dancing and exclaims as only she can, "Mom you have a big bum!"

I believe that made me stop mid booty shuffle to stare at her with a 'Huh?' expression.  Hubby snorts and is suddenly very interested in his dinner.  My eldest chimes in with, "Your bum is HUGE mom!" The hubs can no longer hold it in and barks out a laugh.  Then the little angels wanting to be fair, tell Daddy he has an equally big and huge bum.  The conversation went down hill from there with lots of bum talk and giggles.

It made me really glad that I am going to boot camp tomorrow morning - even if I am pretty sure it is going to kill me.  If you don't hear from me tomorrow it's because I am dead, in the middle of the park, probably because I did one too many burpies.

The halloween stash of one child - the twizzlers are as good as gone.  Delish!

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