Friday, May 25, 2012

Thankful - Item #1 Sista Marcy

#1  My sister Marcy(not her real name)

My sister is like a really great push up bra!  No - she really is!  She makes me look better :)  Like a good bra she holds you up.  Got a problem - she'll give great advice(she doing her master in counseling - free therapy - woot woot!)  She also does it while looking good - she is a funky pink bra - with fringe(picture my eyebrows going up and down as I say that!)  

If someone is mean to me - watch out because she's coming at you and will punch you in the neck!  You'll be left gasping for air on the sidewalk from the lashing you receive if you make me cry - if you are lucky she only pictures the knee to the groin on her mind.  Of course I would do the same for her.  Mess with the sister-hood and you'll be crying for your mama!

She loves my babies and treats my hubby like the brother we never had - right down to making fun of his weirdo toes.  She has a quick sense of humour and may be a wee bit sarcastic like her big sis!  She grew up in the same crazy family as me - so we both think it is completely normal to build your own hot tub that you heat by lighting a fire underneath, or that smores are better when you melt the chocolate on the cracker first!

She is the only one I want to ride a run away tractor with - and then giggle hysterically that we almost died. Or as it happened - she rode the tractor and I took pictures till it became clear it had no breaks.  Then we all retired to cranberry and Smirnoff after she almost hit her car and a tree.

Love you my sister! xoxo

PS : Have I mentioned she's single???  She's going to kill me for writing that :) 

**These items are in no particular order - so no need to get all up in my face because I write about my sister before my other family members or Jesus Juke me about where on the list God is.  Chill.

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