Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am less than a month from turning 35 or 29 again, again, again, again, again, and again!  Besides the fact that parts are sliding downhill(and fast!) and the hair on my head is requiring maintenance to keep it's colour what do I have to show for it?

Quite a lot actually.  So I want to come up with 35 things I am thankful for - before the big day!  Some are big and meaningful (my family) and some will be trivial but fun(hello - chocolate!)

I feel that many people spend most of their time snarking off at people and about things rather than embracing and loving what they have.  Or perhaps we spend too much time thinking about the crappy things that happen rather than focusing on the happy, good, and joyful.

It could be the aging process that makes me reflect and think like this.  I am loving getting older - not the deep crevasse emerging on my forehead or the sagging tush but I do love the perspective and maturity it affords me.  Now some of that maturity comes hard fought and I can't say that I enjoyed earning it but having it as a life lesson is a blessing.

Before you think I've lost my personality - fear not!  I still think farts are funny, I laugh at rude jokes and say way too many inappropriate things to ever be considered truly mature or adult like.  I would still rather watch a sappy romantic comedy than a sweeping saga of breath taking cinema and given the choice between a fancy kangaroo burger and a big mac - the big mac would win every.freakin.time!

Join me in being thankful!

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