Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Power Shop!

After the panic over my outdated and no longer age appropriate maternity clothes I grabbed the BFF and we hauled a car seat free car to downtown Van! I power shopped through H&M like a maniac.    So the late winter/early spring wardrobe was complete.  Alas spring and summer were around the corner.

Yesterday I squeezed my ever widening hips into an old pair of capri's - Did you know you can still get a muffin top when pregnant???  Yeah me either!  It was B-A-D!  Dropped my daughter at preschool and made an beeline for the local maternity shop.  I had limited time - but the shopper gene is strong in my family.  I came.  I conquered.  I torn through that store on a rampage.

There seems to be a concept that pregnant women want to wear clothing that is 'sweet'.  Bows around our necks, eyelets on the sleeves, lace to cover the ever expanding ta-tas.  I don't wear lavender lace tops when not pregnant and you won't find me wearing one when knocked up either.  Perhaps some women get soft and demure when with child unlike moi!  I am a sarcastic person on a good day let alone a nausea puffer fish pregnant day. Soft pretty blue florals make me want to hurl - which without my diclectin could happen at any moment.  The other big trend - maxi dresses.  Yuck!  These are the most hideous things ever to be made unless you are a size 2.  When you drape a pregnant woman in a large dress you get a tent.  A hovering tent with a head attached.  It is awful.  They look awful - and sorry ladies but you look as huge as a house in them.  Make it in soft purple and add a cute bow to divide boobs from belly - you have the maternity trifecta - pastel, bow, and tent like.  Gah!

After I hissed like something out of a horror movie at a maxi dress the sale clerk threw some holy water at me and left me to my try-on session.  25 minutes after I stormed through the doors on a mission, I was marching out with a bag full of items that were not lilac, adorned with bows, or covered in lace.  Happy day!

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