Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Orange you glad I posted!

Super lame title - what's more lame?  I laughed at myself when I typed it.  Yeah.  I am that idiotic!

While on the H&M shop the BFF and we noticed the big spring trend - Orange!  Everything was orange, peach, coral or some combination of those.  It was everywhere.

The BFF looks great in peachy/orange tones.  I remarked that while I generally don't ask my man for fashion advice he didn't like me to wear orange.  He doesn't give a flying squirrel most the time about what I wear but since his only complaint ever was about the colour orange I don't own anything orange.  The BFF gave me a look that said, "What????"  It's not unusual for people to think that hubby never gets an opinion as I am loud - but don't fear - he tells me his opinion on a regular basis, and once 15 years ago he frowned upon orange.  He also once pointed out back fat...not that I remind him of that on a regular basis or anything.

There was a really cute orange sweater though.  I announced with bravado - I am going to try this sweater on.  It is cute, and will make me look great.  I could sense the greatness this orange sweater was going to bring me.  Who cares if hubs hates me in orange - what could he possibly know??

I pulled on the sweater and went to the mirror.  The BFF gave me a "Ugh" look.  Darn it!  The colour looked awful on me.  My complexion looked gray and sallow.  It was U-G-L-Y.  Bugger.  The BFF kindly told me that the sweater while great in shape looked hideous in that colour - at least on me.  All this time I thought hubs had an issue with the colour orange - turns out he noticed I looked like death when I wore it. Apparently he does know something about fashion.

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