Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's New

You may have noticed I have been rather absent - or maybe you forgot all about this little ol' blog - whatever.  I prefer to think you've missed me.

So what's new around here?

I'm knocked up. Can I call it that if I am married and on my now third kid?  Anyway - I am with child - and I am not a glowing example of pregnancy.

Some people glow - I barf.  Some people look like they've swallowed a basketball - I look like a puffer fish.  It's not a pretty time ;)

We are excited, and freaked out.  We did not 'plan' on adding anymore people to the family.  Another dog, maybe a fish, sure but another human - not so much.


Oh the horror!

I will be 35 when this child is born - I can only imagine the wrinkles I will have from the late night feedings, potty training, and terrible two's.  Gah!

But newborn baby smell - sigh!  Delicious!  Little cute booties and searching pinterest for the nursery I will never have time to decorate - yeah baby!

So in recap I have spent the last few months nauseous, in bed, and getting fat.  What have you been up to?

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  1. wowee! congratulations, even if it wasn't planned :) keep your eyes focused on that newborn smell and cute little bottom :)