Thursday, April 19, 2012

The importance of getting off your butt and to the polls today!

Today is election day in my provincial riding.  Our riding is having a by-election, there will be another provincial election in a little over a year.  A recent poll by a local radio station asked on Facebook if people were going to vote - the first response was from a woman that pronounced(proudly) she was not.  I wanted to punch her, what an idiot.  I every election.

Here's why :

1.  I live in a democratic country where I have the right to vote.  This is a no brainer.  Have you looked at the news lately??  People are starving, being hurt, and denied things I consider basic rights and freedoms.  It's an insult to take the freedoms I have for granted.

2.  I got girl parts.  How does that relate to voting??  Have you watched Mary Poppins?  There's a whole song of Suffrage.  "VOTES FOR WOMEN!" is the main battle cry.  It hasn't even been 100 years since those of the female persuasion where granted this right.  I think it's kind of a slap in the face to those that rallied, protested, and took up this cause.

3. I'm Caucasian. The colour of your skin used to matter for voting.  Did you know that First Nations people had to give up their status and treaty rights to vote until 1960??  WTH.

4.  It's interesting and not voting means not complaining!  There are some things about politics that leave me hurling over the side of the boat.  I can't stand glossed over politicians and the BS.  But - BUT the issues that being raised by them and brought into legislation are important.  What our elected representatives do is give people, as in EJ the stay at home mom, a voice to be heard.  I am not campaigning at my elected officials office about why we don't have scripture on our currency(I kid you not that has happened in my riding).  I do pick who I vote for based on what I think our riding, and in this case, the province needs.  As for the complaining part - if you don't lift a finger to research the issues - even a little bit I expect you to shut your mouth and smile when things are not going so well.  Don't suddenly call down the parties or the MLA/MP that you didn't take the effort to elect.

So today - get off you butt and walk on down to the poling station.  The local newspapers have online editions where you can research some basic info about the issues.  See you at the polls!

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