Monday, April 16, 2012

Fashionista! Part 1

As part of the carry a baby for 9 months gig - I also get to expand for 9 months.  Unless you are a freak that means you need to invest in clothes that fit - either bigger sizes or maternity.

Being as I've already carried and brought forth two angelic blessings {that are currently sleeping so I think they are beyond amazing :) } I have several Rubbermaid bins that are full of maternity wear.

I have always bought lots of clothes because I was working - needed work clothes and regular clothes.  This time I am rocking the whole stay at home job.  So no cute sweater sets and crisply pleated pants needed.

I eagerly yanked open my bins 1 - because holy heck regular pants are going to cut me & my avocado size baby in half and 2 - I had a good relationship with my maternity wear(I never bought or wore anything I hated previously)

My friends - HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!  Pants are not wide enough to put a small child in the calf area anymore.  Shirts also need to cover you tummy - not stop at your belly button.  What happened in those bins??  Did the 'shrink it' fairy come and destroy my clothes?

In the 5 & 7 years since my last two babies, style has changed - it shouldn't surprise me as I don't have anything in my closet from 5 years ago.  As an added bonus I have also aged - what a kick in the head that realization is!  At 27 with my first baby I wore - get ready for it - camo print cargo pants.  Gah!  First off at 35 I look like a moron in camo, secondly I may be a few pounds heavier now so while I could get them on - camo should never look like shrink wrap!  Even my ever loving saint of a hubby shook his head with "no" at the sight.  At least he didn't run from the room and puke.  Which is what I almost did when I tried on my pink striped capris.  Why why why did I think putting stripes on my spreading wider by the minute hips and butt would be a good idea????  Never adorn your butt with pattern!!!  NO!  Do not accent the bum!  Barf!

To get over this demeaning look at clothes from the past I had to go eat cake - it's my craving of choice.  Cake cake cake - which could explain the expanding bum!

Up next: Part 2

In a complete mind numbing panic I began a search of the Internet only to discover that my two favourite maternity lines were now only in the USA.  Cue my complete meltdown call to one of my BFF's & immediate shopping trip to H&M(which does carry maternity in their Pacific Center location)...

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