Monday, February 13, 2012

A little dinner conversation

***Typed this up a few weeks ago and forgot to publish -  oops!

Try as I might - dinner conversation in this household often involves topics that I wish weren't up for discussion.  Not because it really bothers me but because if my kids talk like that at someone else's house - hello embarrassment!!  It's all about not being embarrassed when you go out in public!

If you are from around these parts you'll be aware that we have had a big winter storm.  We have rain in winter not snow and ice.  This week we got snow snow snow and now freezing rain.  We are not equipped for such things.  We live in gortex and gum boots not down jackets and touques.

I have been feeling a little under the weather, and perhaps a little cabin feverish soooooo I may have not gotten out of my pj's today.  I spent most of the day lying in bed sleeping or reading a book.  This was snow day #4 with the kids home so we've done every craft, read every book.  We are so sick of seeing each other.  Movies and quiet time away from each other was top priority.  Other than one grocery run we have not left home in almost a week.

So back to dinner.  I am sitting at the table eating dinner.  The kids have eaten and abondoned their dishes. Missy come over to talk to me and notices fo the first time that I am still rocking the pj's.

Missy: Mum, you are still wearing you jammies!
Me: Yup
Missy: You should get dressed.
Me: No point Missy.  It's a snowday and we're not leaving the house.
Missy:You NEED to get dressed
Me: I will tomorrow.
Hubs: Mom has a stinky bum
After closing my gaping mouth I reply: I will have you know my bum smells fabulous
Dude (who is playing mini hockey in the family room) yells: Mum's bum smells like poo.  (He then proceeds to collapse in a fit giggles)
Missy: Poo poo poo poo mummy smells like poo

I slam my head repeatably into the table!  Then I slide a glance over at hubby who is doing his best not to laugh - I am not sure what made him giggle - Dude's sudden jump into our conversation or my insistance that my bum smells fabulous(which it is does just for the record).  I gave him the 'wife' look that said - 'You started this and I will throw you under the bus if they ever do this in public'

Proud mothering moments right here folks - makes you want to go and breed doesn't it?!?!?!