Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nut Case!

Ever hurt yourself or been hurt in a minor way and for some reason you lose it?  Blubber like an idiot, cried like the world is ending, yelled at your kids, husband or friend?

I am sure you are all rational human beings with all your faculties and so you've never done that.


I am a crazy woman that burst into tears upon getting a slight injury and proceeded to blubber like a baby and have snot and tears all over me!  My child who accidentally inflicted the wound was beside himself for hurting mommy.  I was a hot mess of tears.  Hubby was annoyed at his (stressed out because she procrastinated on getting her school work done) wife, and Missy is pointing out to her brother that he made mommy cry.

I am blaming school stress for my mommy meltdown - only 4 units and nine chapters left to the next 7 days.  The song Under Pressure is going through my head!

And if the dog doesn't stop whining because hubs is out I am going to lose my ever loving mind!

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