Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 - Clark W Griswold!

Do you know what I am talkin about????

If you don't - WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!?!?!

Clark Griswold is the patriarchal character from the best Christmas movie ev-ah!  No other movie even comes close to reminding me why we don't have big family Christmas events - and yet longing for one at the same time.  As long as it's the newel post at someone else's house that gets the chainsaw treatment - let's do this!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is.the.best.  Don't argue - it is the BEST!

My family - all a little on the nutty side - can recite almost the whole movie from start to finish.  I kid you not.

My mom's favorite scene - SQUIRREL

Then there is the part my sister and I always lose our schmidt over

And lastly my favourite part - complete with White Christmas reference - this was the best version I could find - sorry about the bad quality.

Do not delay - get a copy and watch.  It helps to wear a Christmas sweater and gather close your kith and kin!

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