Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 - Rest

This is not the lazy way to post!  Well maybe...just a little.  Hey I am a tired mom - with a sick kid - give me a break okay!

So grab that December calendar - see all those events that are piling up - shopping day with your BFF, church concert, cut the darn tree down with the kids, decorate the house, visit every family member you can find in a 100 mile radius! I know those are on there! How, the hockey stick, are we expected to turn out butter tarts with a grin on our faced the whole time!?!?

Grab a big ol' sharpie and find a day - write REST as in no baking, no concerts, no family dinners, no shopping - nothing!  Wear your pj's till 11, trade off with hubs for a nap time, order pizza for dinner.  Do whatever you want.  Play games, watch movies, go for a walk, lie on the couch and let dust land on you - chill my overly busy friends!


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  1. Don't forget "Film Your Family Christmas Video" ;)