Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5 - The hostess gift!

My mama always said a good guest brings the hostess a gift.  After all she has cleaned up her kids junk and hidden half her belongings in closets and the garage so her house is clean.  The least you can do is bring her a little something.

My top four gift ideas

  1. Anything by Purdy's - the 1lb Milk & Dark Assortment is always a good idea. 
  2. A little or big something from Winks  I love this store - and as an added bonus they will gift wrap it up for you all pretty!
  3. Something to treat your hostess such as a nice body butter from Juliet's Room (Canadian company now based in Ontario) or a Lavender Milk Bath from Tuscan Farm Gardens (Abbotsford Farm & Apothecary) which smells so good!  And after your family has attacked her house she may need a bath to recover.
  4. A small ornament - find something pretty and wrap it nicely.  It helps if you know their style.  Pinterest has tons of ideas - and lots on DIY ideas for those on a budget.
I am rather uninspired tonight as I went to a stamp and stack - which in non crafter terms is when you make a rather large pile of cards all at once.  So a good portion of my Christmas cards are made - and my brain is mush. 

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