Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 - Baking

One of the best things about Christmas is butter-tarts...oh, and gingersnaps.

Oh SNAP!  I love me some gingersnaps - lame joke - I know!  It's late and I forgot to blog today.  Sue me!

All that baking can kill your food budget sooooooo write a list of what you are making and the ingredients you need.  Then start hunting for sales because molasses is impossible to find in December - as is peppermint extract for those little mint cookies.  Last year I ran from store to store grilling poor shelf stockers demanding to know where the stink was the peppermint extract!

Our family isn't big on the Christmas baking but they'll eat it if I make it!  So this year I am making Gingersnaps, butter-tarts, shortbread, and Nanaimo bars.  Since we have some gluten free peeps we mess around with the Nanaimo bars so they are GF.  

I noticed that lots of baking supplies have started to go on sale so hop to it...then invite me over for tea to sample some :)

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