Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - Book hair cuts!

Now is the time to call your stylist!  Do not delay - they are booking up and you do not want a skunk line in your Christmas photo.  What is a skunk line you ask???  Well if you are blessed with dark lovely locks a la Victoria Principle from the Jhirmack commercial days circa 1984, then as you go gray, the undyed part of your hair can grown in a whole lot lighter than the dyed part.  Voila you have a skunk line!

Not that I have gray hair.  I am a freak of nature that doesn't have a stitch of gray, I also am naturally hair free on my legs and I never fart.

In other related news my cousin K-doll is in da house!  We are making her wedding invites.  They are so very pretty!

K-doll wielding the heat gun!

Half done!  The invitations that is - not the left
over halloween candy in the background!

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