Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 29 - Girl Shop-off

Some people are born to shop.

I am one of those blessed individual.  With a sturdy pair of shoes, an endless bank account and an SUV to hold my finds I could shop all day everyday.  If only someone would hire me to shop for them!! (Seriously - know anyone?  I also am an amazing online shopper - I can find most anything!)

For Christmas Marcy & my long suffering, loathes of all things retail, mother and I set out on a one day excursion.  The point is to buy gifts for other people.  Usually we each come out with lots of things for ourselves and not much else.  Every year we say we're going to buy for others.  Every year we fail.  Why mess up a good thing?!?!

In years past we have gone into Guilford, where we bought out the MAC store.  We have gone to Fort Langley, and tried on many hats - the staff didn't quite know what to do with us.  As I've mentioned - we're a loud fam!  Accents and celebrity impersonations came out.  A few, maybe more than a few inappropriate things were hurled back and forth.  It was a jolly good time!

This year we are going to mow our way through a craft fair or two and we are bringing a new addition.  Missy is going to join in on her first ever Nut Family Girl Christmas Shopping Day.  The girl loves jewelry and lipstick so she should take to it like a fish to water.

I am pretty sure that if she could figure out how to get to the mall she'd be there everyday.  Makes me proud, sniff - wipes away a tear!

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