Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25 - Naughty or Nice List

Missy is in a phase - dear Santa please let it be a phase.  She is one snarky kid right now.  Today she was very disrespectful to Mama EJ and Mama EJ doesn't not roll like that.  Suffice to say she went to a time out.  The first of several today.  Later, she had to sit by herself on a chair at school after not listening to her teachers.  She then was rude to my friend.  The list goes on and on. 

Then a friend pointed out I was not using Santa to my advantage.  Say what???  I have not been holding the naughty list over my kids!  How could I have forgotten that??

As a family we try and not make Santa too big of deal.  We're more of a baby Jesus family but we also set out milk and cookies for the fat mom guy in the red suit.  I really hate the lying to kids about Santa.  So I let other people lie to my kids ;) Teachers and grandparents do a great job of teaching all about Santa.   

The Naughty and Nice List has never been a big fear factor as I have never used it to it's full potential.  Where have I been???  It's like someone gave me a million bucks with no taxes!  

I raise my glass of egg nog in a toast - To well behaved children or at least scared into submission kiddos till December 25th!

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