Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21 - Unplugging for Christmas

Do you live attached to a device - something that has 3G or wifi?

Can you make it a whole hour without checking your phone - let alone a whole day?

In our house we are a tad too connected.
I have to separate from my phone?  Is that even legal???
Hubs is self employed - and that means clients call and email him at all different times of day and night.  Holiday or weekend does not matter - ding ding ding goes his #*&)*#&! phone.  In all fairness I am just as bad sometimes with this blog or the ever exciting facebook/twitter jazz.

Instead of playing teacher, nurse or fireman - my kids prop open books and announce they are working on their lap tops. "I can't come right now mom, I am working!"  Calculators are their iphones and they are 100% fluent in apple tv, netflix, and itunes.

Last year I laid down the smack WWE style - if you brought a device and started texting at my Christmas - I'd clothesline your @$$ so fast you didn't know what hit you.  Hubs snuck off to the loo to check his email I'm sure ;)

Talk?  What is this talking you speak of?
Consider this a warning - if you come hang out with me I will slap you upside the head if I hear dings and beeps around the tree.  If you must - feel free to tweet from the toilet where I won't bother you.  Otherwise - shut it down!  You are spending time with the people in front of you - not someone down the street or across town.  If you can't be with the people you love - set aside a time to contact them but don't spend the day texting under the tree.

Rant over!

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