Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 - The Advent Calendar

It is hard to believe that in less than 30 days we'll be in full Jingle All the Way mode!

Around this house we don't decorate in the least till after Remembrance Day (November 11).  I think we should respect our troops and remember their sacrifices without the cheerful sounds of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer blaring around the mall.  Descending my soap box now...

Even though there will not be any decking the halls there are still ways to prep for the holidays.  Some even require getting to them early.

There are many options besides the lame and disgusting $2.00 chocolate calendars.  My kids have a refined pallet(haha) and hate the cheap chocolate - I blame the fact that I used to work at Purdy's. { Just so you don't think we're all posh - they also love KD ;) }

There is the Lindt Chocolate Calendar - I saw this at Costco for $19.99.  We did this last year.  The kids liked the chocolate...and I was willing to eat them when they forgot a day ;)

Next up for those that have an unlimited budget - Lego Advent Calendars.  These are $35-45 dollars and I haven't seen them in any local big box stores like Walmart etc.  High end toy shops may have them or they can be ordered from the Lego website.
**Update : Julia let me know that this is at Zellers - brace yourself here - $39.99 for Lego City and $49.99 for Star Wars Lego - somebody get me the smelling salts!  That is just crazy!**

Last up there is Playmobil.  I love Playmobil and if I could I would relive my childhood and create a secret den and hoard it all away...that totally sounded creepy didn't it???  Last year we had already purchased the Lindt ones when I found out about these ones.  So this year I was that insane mother - stalking the toy store on Facebook in early September asking when they would be arriving.  They came October 31st and you can bet your buttons I was there that afternoon with my always well behaved kids to pick them out  There are several to pick from - some new for 2011.  Ours cost $21.99 each so not super cheap but it is a toy that will last not a chocolate they'll eat and then get hyper from.  I really wanted the Christmas Post Office but my kids were having none of that!  So the Pony Ranch and Knights were rung up and in our car before we trick-or-treated!

Locally you can find these at The Play Room. I love this store.  They have some great toys and a whole section of Playmobil for me to oogle ;)  The owners are lovely and always super helpful.  And no I wasn't compensated for saying that - it is my opinion

See that halloween candy in the back ground?  I haven't stolen it all...yet!
Till tomorrow!

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