Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19 - Getting Country

For approximately 330 days out of the year I love all things modern, sleek and clean lined.  I devour Dwell magazine and dream of living off the grid in a minimalist house.  If you have seen When Harry Met Sally - you know the part with the Wagon Wheel coffee table??   I married a country boy - luckily my man has better taste than that, but he loves rustic, and in the name of marital harmony we compromise on design.

So we march through the year with a decidedly modern flavour and then end up in December.  Something short circuits and I explode in a burst of cheesetastic country love.  In a house where I never would have dreamed of knick-knacks, I suddenly have a mantle covered in cute(barf!) snowmen.  I hang Santa wreaths on the door and set out Christmas hand towels in the loo.

                                                                        Source: via Nester on Pinterest

How does this happen?  Something about Christmas being sleek and modern makes me cringe.  I want red, white and green.  I want cute doodads here and there.  I even love my snowman dishes.

It is utterly barftastic.

I grew up with a family that decorated one thing - the tree.  Nothing else.  So how did I become the keeper of all things Christmas??  Will my kids one day have no tree and no decorations because they felt their mother was too Christmas-y?  Will they hate singing Jingle Bells?  Will they boycott the Nutcracker?  Am I being a tad neurotic??


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