Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 18 - The Outfit!

You know what I am talking about - the outfit that you wear to all those holiday parties.

It needs to make you look smokin hot!  It needs to expand in case you overindulge.  It needs to work for the office party and for dinner at your mom's.  Perhaps you have a unending bank account and can have multiple outfits - me - I am in the po category as in I'm so poor I can only afford the p and o.

I am all about reusing and adding just a bit of fancy frou frou as my mother would say.  So this year I have been looking through the closet and thinking about what I am going to wear.

Black is my favourite non-colour for several reasons.  First you can throw any colour with it and it will look fab!  Second I have kids which means I can guarantee that they will wipe something on my clothes and coloured fabric shows marks easier.  Lastly bulges are easier to hide - so if I have eaten a few too many ginger snaps I can still party like Wayne & Garth(Children of the 90's will get that!).  So I have some great Gap black pants and a black and white top from Ricki's that I bought last year so no pics available.

I did get the shoes, and for $13 when we were on vacation but disaster happened.  My dog, now named chewy, helped me unpack.  And by that I mean she snuck around me as I was unpacking and chewed the heal on both shoes.  

So I will be rocking chewed heals with black sharpie touch ups.  What can I say????  I am hot stuff.

What are you wearing?  **Say that in the same voice as the credit card commercial "What's in your wallet?"

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