Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15 - The Cards

Those family brag letters aren't going to arrive naked and vulnerable - oh no - they need a little glam to wear.  It is time to buy, make, or order those holiday cards.

I am all about Shutterfly this year - tomorrow I will be placing my order(the last day for free shipping - can I get a woot woot!)

I have poured over many websites, set up numerous accounts, downloaded a few programs but my fickle heart belongs to Shutterfly this year.  If you are lucky enough(sarcasm alert) to be on 'the list' of people getting one from us - they are beautiful.  My internet(telus sucks) is giving me fits tonight so I can't add a demo on this site - blast you computer trouble.

So imagine pictures of my kids - hair perfectly styled, clothes neatly pressed, standing beside one another - the little Dude with his hand over Missy's mouth - yes I am putting a picture like that on our card.  No point in pretending they weren't beating on each other for the whole photo shoot.  There is also a nice family picture - my muffin top is hidden and I only have one chin...so it doesn't look anything like reality!

My father-in-law and I discussed family cards, photos, and letters the other night.  He pointed out that he wants to see pictures of the people he knows - not their kids who he has never met.  Besides, how else can you see how fat so and so has gotten if the picture is of their kids???  He actually said that - which made me laugh and realize I have corrupted the whole in-law group!

Jingle jingle

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