Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13 - Getting Organized

I, super mom extraordinaire, am always organized.  I know exactly where all the Christmas decorations are, I have never lost a gift somewhere in the house, I have meals planned and outfits picked for all gatherings.  I know the address of all my friends to mail Christmas cards, and the cards are written and stamped - just waiting for delivery to the post office in 2 weeks.  What can I say - I am amazing!

I'll wait for you to stop laughing - as I am more disaster than organized.  Every Christmas I think I am going to get my act together.  I plan to have a freezer full of goodies and food.  I think I will have a card and picture ready for everybody.  I think I will stay on budget.  I plan to workout through the holidays so I don't have to join the others at the gym January 1st.

Annnnd every year I am 5lbs heavier by January 1st, have no cards done, can't remember where I put half the gifts - so I rush out and buy some stuff - killing the budget.  This year I will be writing a final exam in the first weeks if December and up until that point I need to be studying and doing assignments.  So I have no choice but to get my act together!

Enter Pinterest - can I just say that I love, love love this site?  So many good ideas and an easy way for me to store these ideas.  I found and pinned a link that has more FREE Christmas organizing printables that I could ever use.

Source: via EJ on Pinterest

 I ran out of coloured ink - and they don't print well in grey scale on my printer - so I didn't get them all printed.  I've got enough to get me started!  So who's with me??  Let's get organized!

Just waiting to get organized!

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  1. Too much work!!!!! Man, that's stressing me out just thinking of it....