Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 - Mr Bublé

Today we bundled up in gortex and boots to trek to the Costco to buy Michael Bublé's new Christmas album.  We braved rain, rain, and more rain.  I was determined to get it today - and by that I mean I was determined to stay nice, dry and warm in the car while my man ran into the store.

I am a Christmas music tramp.  Announce you have a Christmas album and I will buy it.

Bublé has put out an album filled with classics - some twisted.  Such as Santa Baby with the altered lyrics Santa, buddy, fill my stockings with Canucks tixs, for kicks throw me on the first line.  He also slows down Mariah 'baby and pacifiers' Carey's All I Want For Christmas which gives it a new flavour unlike that other Canadian singer that also just released a Christmas album.  Jingle Bells features the Puppini sisters - who aren't sisters - and it rocks.  Blue Christmas makes me want to find a stiff drink and a pair of blue suede shoes - bliss!  I could go on and on!

The only barftastic element is the super cheesy six second track of Michael wishing you a merry Christmas - gag!  Why Michael???  Why?

I really like this album - and the DVD that comes with it highlights that Bublé recorded this in studio with the actual band, orchestra and back up singers - Sinatra style.  So I give major props for that.  The album feels like Bing or Frank could be singing - so well done Team Bublé

You can check out the music on his website - please, for the love of tinsel, ignore the Naughty or Nice panties for sale!

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