Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 - Get Outta Here

Every year we escape.  We run away to Christmas.  Some years we bribe guilt ask friends and family to join us, and some years we forget to invite them.  Depends on how much they are annoying us ;)

So where do we go?  To the Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach - which let the record show - IS NOT WARM!  Warm Beach is a conference center and camp in Stanwood Washington.  They string up over a million lights on their grounds and it is a-maz-ing!  It's like someone took a bedazzler to every tree, sidewalk, and building.

We usually stay over night - as our kids sometimes need a warm up spot.  The other reason - the thought of getting back in the car after driving 2+ hours there, walking around for 3ish hours, and then driving home another 2+ hours makes the eggnog curdle in my tummy.

The next day we hit up the outlets and finish off our Christmas shopping - oh and we attack Tar-jay like a fat kid on a smartie.  Make way people EJ is in the building - I really should have a person shopper with me saying things like, "No that sweater makes you look fat - walk away!  Yes, I know it's only $5 but you look like you are auditioning for the role of Mrs Clause. No!  NO!  You do not need a battery operated blinking light sweater - BACK AWAY FROM THE SWEATER."  If the husband said that I'd probably attack him with the battery pack from such a sweater.  So he hangs out in the audio visual departement - because apparently the tv needs another cord.

Quite the side trip there - Ho Ho Ho - and we're back!

So we go, we see lights, we eat kettle corn, and candied pecans - that are still warm - gah!  So good!

This is where I would add a bunch of pictures from last year but apparently I deleted them off my lap top and moved them over to the back up hard-drive - I am just too lazy to get off my butt to go get them.  Click on the link above - they take better pictures than me anyway ;)  or watch the clip below.

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