Monday, September 19, 2011

Lunch for 4!

Do you have children?  Have you eaten in a restaurant with them? There is a special place in heaven for those that do - it's somewhere in Leviticus I am sure! 

Our always well behaved children (my kids are always angelic - just so you know) sat down at the table properly.  They did not climb on the seats and stare over the partition of the booth at the unsuspecting couple behind us.  Nope no sirree.  They most certainly did not kick each other under the table and yell loud enough to alert the kitchen staff.  They sat quietly and practiced their printing on the paper place-mat.  They would never scribble like monkeys all over the paper and mostly likely the table.

When the food came they quietly bowed their heads for grace.  They wouldn't dare demand to know where the ketchup was and sniff the fries just to make sure they were safe to eat.  During grace they wouldn't suddenly fall into a fit of giggles either because one of them snuck in the work bum.  Hahahahahahaha.  Bum is such a funny word, but I digress.

After grace they ate all their food.  No complaining that McDonald's is across the street and has toys.  No staring at the table across from us till the young adult group there felt the beady little gazes upon them.  They chewed with their mouths closed and used a napkin rather than their pants, shirts, or the underside of the table.  After all they were not raised in or near a barn.  Barn smell yes, barn no!

Our son would not dare to lose a tooth in his bite of cheeseburger and then swallow it down.  Nope, he takes small bites and never stuffs his mouth and our daughter would never suck up to our waitress by telling her she's pretty when our boy gets free ice cream, for the now gaping hole in his grin, in hopes of scoring her own sundae.

A big thank you to Mr Mikes for a yummy lunch and to our server - I hope the tip was enough to cover the destruction of the table and your psyche.  And Missy would like you to know even if she hadn't had any ice-cream she's still think you are pretty.

Anyone want to have us over for dinner?

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