Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mom Shoes

Today Missy just HAD to have a pair of sandals like her BFF.  That girl is 3 going on 13 I tell ya!  Thankfully since stores are in back to school mode all summer stuff is marked down!  So cute sandals were in her future. 

Loving a good pair of shoes, and trying to get the 'mom' out of my wardrobe, I went to look in the Ladies section.  There they were - amongst silver tramp shoes and mom style white runners - black peep toe heels. Source
Hot hot hot!!  Me likey!

I slip them on my ugly ballet dancer feet - and they fit!  LIKE.A.DREAM.  Not a touch of Mom in these babies.  I strut my stuff up and down the aisle - admiring how they make my butt feet look better.  I glace at the price - not too much but more than my budget could handle today :(  I take one more walk up the aisle - because my butt legs feet really did look great!  As I slip them back in the box and prepare for the tearful goodbye.  I have the following convo with Little Dude(LD) :

LD:  Mooooooom, why are you trying on those shoes?
Me (Men of all ages just don't get shoes!!) : Cause they are pretty and make me tall like Daddy. ** I couldn't say they made my butt feet look good. Cause that's the part he'd remember and tell his friends at school.
LD: But moooooom, those aren't your shoes.
Me: I know, but I wish they could be.
LD: No, I mean they aren't mom shoes.

This is where in my mind I say "Well duh! Kind of the point Dude!"

Me: What do you mean 'mom shoes'?  What kind of label is that? (This is were I completely get defensive with a 6 year old who innocently made a statement about shoes.)  They are are fun shoes. I can wear fun shoes.  I am a fun kind of mom.
LD: Mom, they are NOT mom shoes
Me: Well show me a pair of mom shoes.
LD : I dunno
Me: Well if these aren't 'mom shoes' show me a pair of mom shoes.
LD : You know mom - they are big and flat (He illustrates the point by holding his arms far and wide like a fisherman saying - 'the fish was this big'.)
Me: What?????? 
LD: Mom shoes are big and flat, you're a mom, so you wear big flat shoes.

Then he rolls his eyes at my obvious bafflement.

He just told me I have to wear ugly shoes and then he has the nerve to roll his eyes at me?!?!?! 

I'm going back tomorrow to buy those darn shoes - screw the budget!


  1. Buy the shoes... You deserve them. It's a little bit of a different story in my house... my kids LOVE my heels and think it's wierd if I wear anything different. Took my sister out for dinner tonight but made her leave her "mom shoes" at home and wear heels. hoes are what makes an outfit!!! I'll have to take you shoe shopping sometime, :)

  2. I just read this to Kenton... he didn't laugh like I did... he must be a man :P