Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rules of the road

Today Dude and I went to an assessment with our speech therapist(SLP).  For just under 2 hours she worked with Dude; asking questions, playing games, handing out stickers.  I always love the answers he gives as sometimes they aren't going to score him points on the test but he gets points for making me laugh.
SLP : If you like to paint you're a ...
Dude : Painter
SLP: Good.  If you like to swim you're a ...
Dude : Swimmer
SLP: Yes.  If you like to drive a car you're a...
Dude : ummmmm, ummmmm ... a woman!

 To his future wife - you're welcome! Zoom zooooooooooooom!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mom Shoes

Today Missy just HAD to have a pair of sandals like her BFF.  That girl is 3 going on 13 I tell ya!  Thankfully since stores are in back to school mode all summer stuff is marked down!  So cute sandals were in her future. 

Loving a good pair of shoes, and trying to get the 'mom' out of my wardrobe, I went to look in the Ladies section.  There they were - amongst silver tramp shoes and mom style white runners - black peep toe heels. Source
Hot hot hot!!  Me likey!

I slip them on my ugly ballet dancer feet - and they fit!  LIKE.A.DREAM.  Not a touch of Mom in these babies.  I strut my stuff up and down the aisle - admiring how they make my butt feet look better.  I glace at the price - not too much but more than my budget could handle today :(  I take one more walk up the aisle - because my butt legs feet really did look great!  As I slip them back in the box and prepare for the tearful goodbye.  I have the following convo with Little Dude(LD) :

LD:  Mooooooom, why are you trying on those shoes?
Me (Men of all ages just don't get shoes!!) : Cause they are pretty and make me tall like Daddy. ** I couldn't say they made my butt feet look good. Cause that's the part he'd remember and tell his friends at school.
LD: But moooooom, those aren't your shoes.
Me: I know, but I wish they could be.
LD: No, I mean they aren't mom shoes.

This is where in my mind I say "Well duh! Kind of the point Dude!"

Me: What do you mean 'mom shoes'?  What kind of label is that? (This is were I completely get defensive with a 6 year old who innocently made a statement about shoes.)  They are are fun shoes. I can wear fun shoes.  I am a fun kind of mom.
LD: Mom, they are NOT mom shoes
Me: Well show me a pair of mom shoes.
LD : I dunno
Me: Well if these aren't 'mom shoes' show me a pair of mom shoes.
LD : You know mom - they are big and flat (He illustrates the point by holding his arms far and wide like a fisherman saying - 'the fish was this big'.)
Me: What?????? 
LD: Mom shoes are big and flat, you're a mom, so you wear big flat shoes.

Then he rolls his eyes at my obvious bafflement.

He just told me I have to wear ugly shoes and then he has the nerve to roll his eyes at me?!?!?! 

I'm going back tomorrow to buy those darn shoes - screw the budget!