Friday, July 29, 2011

Keepin it real Friday!

Just so you don't think I have it all together (stop laughing) I'm introducing 'Keepin it Real'. I'll take a picture of something in my house that is horribly embarrassing or a sign that people live here - take your pick.

If you feel like you house is messy, or that you aren't cutting it as SuperMom - look no further than Keepin it Real!  Either you are glad you aren't messy like me, or you're glad you have company in clutterville!

Today's Keepin it Real - is my kitchen table.  Covered in mail, papers, lists of things to bring when we go camping, my purse, Mac, sunscreen - all things that have places to go yet I plopped down right here in hopes that the clean up fairy will come along.  In 30 minutes dinner will be served here - Keepin it Real!

Dinner is served????

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